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Stefik Stefan – Slovacia


International exterior judge for the FCI group IV (Dachshunds) since 1990, for the FCI group VI (Scenthounds and related breeds), X (Sighthounds) and the other breeds since 2000. Officiated judge in Slovakia as well as abroad – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraina, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Monte Carlo, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Serbia and Monte Negro, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Japan, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and Russia. Also judging at the most prestigious shows – European Dog Show 1999 and 2005 Austria, 2000 Poznan - Poland, 2003 Bratislava - Slovakia, 2004 Barcelona – Spain, 2005 Tuln – Austria, 2006 Helsinky – Finland, 2007 Zagreb – Croatia, 2008 Budapest and 2010 Celje - Slovenia. World Dog Show 2003 Dortmund, 2006 Buenos Aires Argentina and 2009 Bratislava, Asian Section Show 2003 Tokio and European Winner Show Dortmund 2000. From 1981 on devoted to the dachshunds breeding and training, in 1986 became the hunting dogs trial judge. His wire-haired dachshunds achieved both major show and hunting trial success. Chairman of the Slovakian Dachshund club. Since 1993 President of the Slovak Kennel Club and since 1999 the member of the FCI Board.

Bratislava, 1th of February 2011